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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Los That Links 8-5-10

Good mawnin'. "Who is that picture of?" you ask. That is Canadian Football League wide receiver, Dave Stala. His image makes the lead because he did this very cool thing. If you do something cool like that, maybe you'll make the lead.

That's the theme for today's links. There's been a lot of things going on this summer that wear down the resolve of the average sports fan ("The Decision", Favre, A-Rod's 600th, etc.). Its important to remember why it is we follow sports in the first place.

So here we go. Los That Links Thursdays: Los That Awesome.

- The headline reads "Spider Man Outfielder Makes One of the Greatest Catches Ever".

- Evan Sellers and the kids at DcuStudios2 making trick shots. Is it real? Don't hate.

- Tim Tebow on the cover of NCAA Football 2011 or Tim Tebow highlights for Madden 11? What? That's not Madden 11? God, you're a hater.

- Okay, can I interest you in a REAL story on just how the Madden video game franchise became so powerful? Thought so.

- Stephen Colbert wishing Brett Favre a happy retirement. Probably motivated Favre's return. That' the power of the "Colbert Bump".

- Shaquille O'Neal in a Twitter beef with Jim Rome. Call him "Chris" Rome, I dare you.

- Shannon Brown is set to return to the Los Angeles Lakers. Brown is known for stuff like this.

- Basil Marceaux for Governor of Tennessee. Nothing to do with sports. Just funny, and real. I repeat, real.

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