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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Los That Links 8-11-10

Greetings from the land of laziness. Your boy has been in Kauai, HI for the last three days, hence the slowness of the Los That Links. The world ain't stopped spinning though, and things are afoot that deserve your attention, so we'll gt some in before I go back to my Mai Tai.

- KC Chiefs wideout Chris Chambers (above) gives hope to groupies and gold diggers everywhere by marrying his stalker.

- Andy Reid is still a little sensitive over Donovan McNabb demanding for a trade to a division rival. Oh wait, McNabb didn't demand a trade? He wanted to retire an Eagle. Why are you tripping then, Andy?

- Lebron James is watching you. Meanwhile, Kobe is practicing.

- Are you ready for some football? The latest Madden was released. Are you ready for over 70 hours of Gus Johnson? I know I am.

- Speaking of Madden, that may be the only place NY Jets fans will get to see Darrelle Revis play this season.

- Brandon Phillips calls the Cardinals some "b*tch*s", helping spark a pretty gnarly brawl yesterday.

- The basketball gods are trying to drive home their disappointment in Trevor Ariza over last summer. But does it mean they aren't upset with Chris Paul?

- Is this the "Summer of Lebron", or the "Summer of Jim Gray Inserting Himself Into Major Stories in an Attempt to Restore Credibility, but Ultimately Failing"?

- Al Davis thinks Jason Campbell is the new Jim Plunkett. Seriously.

- ESPN's Scoop Jackson is taking Money May off of his ride or die list.

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