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Friday, August 6, 2010

Los That Links 8-6-10 (Los That Ladies)

Happy Friday, people. We're a little over a week in now. Still figuring some things out, but having fun doing so.

In keeping with the idea of creating a theme for the daily links, today, and every Friday after this, will be dedicated to fine women. We'll call it, Los That Links: Los That Ladies. The picture above is a woman named Jenn Sterger. She's about to be (more) famous, or infamous. Not for this though. Think Rachel Uchitel. More on her in a minute. Your links await.

- Brett Favre has (allegedly) been throwing balls to people other than his receivers or his wife. How he has been avoiding the Tiger Woods treatment is beyond me.

- Lance Armstrong: the latest victim of snitching. At one point in time, Armstrong was connected to this fine woman, and now he's married with children. He may want to keep them close.

- The Rick Pitino extortion case is over. Karen Sypher was found guilty, and can face as many as 26 yeas in prison, although it will likely be much less. Sypher isn't so much "fine" as, say "talented". Read this, and we'll leave it at that.

- The Vernon Davis and Aaron Maybin stripper party photos are highly overrated, but I'll let you decide for yourself. Courtesy of

- Speaking of Ms. Uchitel, her former sugar daddy is still suffering from the loss of his mojo.

- Nolan Ryan's group was successful in outbidding Mark Cuban's group for ownership of the Texas Rangers. $590 million. Allegedly, Ryan threatened Cuban with this. (No fine women were hurt in the posting of this link.)

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