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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Base-Brawl (Los Cliche)

There are historic rivalries in baseball, so bench clearing brawls are not too uncommon. Yesterday's (8/10/20010) brawl between the Cardinals and the Reds was one that was like that old meet me after school type of fight.

The Cincinnati Reds are feeling themselves since they are having a good season finally, 2nd in their division behind the St. Louis Cardinals. In 2009, the Reds finished the division 14 games back and, yes you already know, the Cardinals won the division. Anyway, Brandon Philips, lead off man extraordinaire had a big bowl of Wheaties before issuing the following, and I paraphrase, "All they do is bitch and moan... They are a bunch of bitches... I hate the Cardinals...". So little Arnold Drummond wants to stand up to the Gooch, What you talkin bout Phillips... , (think I just dated myself on that one). So Phillips proceeds to go into his normal routine of tapping the plate and tapping the shins of the catcher with his bat. Ok, so after calling someone a bitch you would think there would be some type of repercussion, especially if you tap them with a bat.


Yadier Molina - "You got my lunch money?!?!?"
Philips - "Naw, I brought lunch today, and you can't have it"
Molina - "3p today I'm gonna mash your face in"
Philips - "Oh yea, bring it bitch..."


The benches clear and its on... Phillips and Molina are separated, managers Dusty Baker and Tony LaRusa get in each other's face and then are separated, but the brawl really starts over by the fans around the protective net. Now the part that made me want to write this in the first place, was what Reds pitcher Jonny Cueto did once the brawl ensued. Cueto was pressed up to the net and began to rapidly kick his way free, ala Street Fighter 2's Chun Li. Jason LaRue, who was subsequently injured from taking kicks, had that look on his face, "WTF... Is he really kicking???" The madness eventually dies down, and the 1st inning can continue.

After all the madness dies down, Brandon Phillips proceeds to ground out to first, goes 1-5 and the Reds end up losing... NICE

- @lostherod

ED. Note
This was supposed go up in the am for early giggles n bits... hours later moment passed, but it's going up for content purposes, SMH

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