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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Los That Links 8-18-10

Don't hate the player. Don't hate the game. Hate the fact that you aren't winning.

That's my advice to those who are truly, internally, bothered by the hoopla that is Brett Favre. Yes, he's coming back for one more year with the Vikings. Yes, the Vikings sent three players to go convince him to return. Yes, he's essentially held the franchise hostage from the time he threw the interception that ended the 2009-10 season, until now. Yes, he's being afforded far more leeway than any other player in the NFL could ever imagine asking for. Yes, its unfair.


More directly, I feel the way Lil Wayne did at the end of an old Gangsta Grillz mixtape song. His mother warns him to tuck his chain in because it's dangerous among the hoodlums and thugs in the mean streets. His response:"I'll be d-mned, Mama. They know who I am, Mama. I'm still yo lil boy, but to them, I'm the man, mama."

Now Favre is in a totally different context, but the response still fits. He's the man. He isn't playing by the same rules as the rest of the guys out there BECAUSE HE CAN. Period. If he couldn't, he wouldn't. He's put 20 years as a professional into this here game. He's never missed a contest. He's re-written the record book for players at his position. If he doesn't want to report to camp until he's darn good and ready, so be it.

(Gangsta Grillz, you bastards!)

Los That Links

- Hardcore Sports Radio host (and this summer's rising media star) Bomani Jones was on "ESPN First Take" and expressed his opinion about Carmelo Anthony's value as a franchise player. Anthony responded by calling him a "hater" via Twitter. Probably wasn't a good idea.

- In another display of athlete sensitivity, rapper Joe Budden and Glen "Big Baby" Davis have Twitter beef. (via BlackSportsOnline)

- BYU is declaring their independence from the Mountain West. Meanwhile, the Mountain West is flirting with Fresno St. and Nevada.

- Rex Ryan: "I ain't gotta take that (bleep) from punk-(bleep) Tony (bleeping) Dungy. (Bleep) him!" Not really.

- The MLBPA will not let Francisco Rodriguez' money go without a fight. No pun intended.

- Shake Weight for women? I can dig it.


  1. Bomani had a point but I think I agreed more with Skip during that debate. You can build around Carmelo, he just needs to become a leader at some point.

  2. I like Carmelo, but his leadership skills are beyond suspect. He has talent, but would you really give $20 mil a year to a guy whose only mature thing he's ever done is marry a VJ that he knocked up three years ago? Melo would still need a CP3 type player to be a leader for whatever team he's on. He may get that in NY, but would Paul take less money?

  3. I think CP3 would do it. Carmelo doesn't have the leader gene in him. He is a superstar talent that has the clutch, probably one of the best in the league. He needs someone to get him there, and he could finish the job. I would give him max money before I give it to Amare.

  4. Not sure if I would give Melo max money. From Denver's last big moves (AI & Billups) it's clear he needs another star to help him get there. If he does end up in NY, I seriously think they have a better shot at Tony Parker than CP3. Parker is a free agent after this season and N.O. is going to want way too much to give up Paul, leaving the Knicks with no one else besides Melo & CP3.

    *Takes off GM hat*

    CP3, Melo & Amar'e in D'Antoni's offense would be fun to watch though. I hope they can pull it off.