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Monday, August 2, 2010

Boxing v MMA The Weekend

When it comes to watching boxing and mixed martial arts, I'd take boxing all day. This past weekend was a sad, yet notable, exception...

In the boxing world, Juan Manuel Marquez and Juan Diaz took to the ring in what turned out to be a lopsided affair that was nothing close to the epic bout that earned them fight of the year honors for 2009. Marquez (51-5-1) outpointed Diaz (35-4) for the easy unanimous decision. Quite disappointing when you consider the back and forth action of the first fight which resulted in a 9th round ko by Marquez. It seems Marquez is lobbying for a 3rd fight with Pacquiao, as one could argue Marquez actually was robbed in one of the decisions. I think the fight should happen since Pacquiao is gonna beat Antonio Margarito pretty decisively. Why not let the real Mexican warrior be the first to take down the mighty Pacquiao.

Over in the UFC, Jon "Bones" Jones (11-1) made his case to be added to the list of top light heavyweight contenders after he ran through Vladimr Matyushenko. The transitions into the eventual fight ending hammer elbows was exciting to watch in an eye popping 1:12 into the 1st round. Don't be surprised if Jones is ruling the Light Heavyweight division one day, this guy's talent and potential is ridiculous.

Again, I would take boxing over mma any day of the week, but there are a few fighters in mma who would get the nod. Anderson Silva who is going to beat the dog you know what out Chanel Sonnen this weekend, BJ Penn, and now Jon Jones. Let's go boxing, you've got a good fighter in Devon Alexander fighting this weekend, but if Anderson puts on the show I think he will, boxing may be in trouble again this weekend...

- @lostherod

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