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Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 Preview Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks, I sense a trend of boring teams coming my way. The Seahawks are 30th in payroll, which makes it unlikely that good moves are going to be made, besides bringing in Pete Carrol. So I've decided, at the suggestion of ALR (credit where it's due), to find the something positive and turn into Fantasy Football. I was going to get into the FFL picks next week anyway, so might as well start the process...

FFL Owners, if you are going to take players from the Seahawks, start with the WR core. TJ Whosyamamadada (Houshmandzadeh) will be a player that will get you consistent points each week. Last season his stats started strong, but faltered during the end with no QB Matt Hasslebeck and no playoff potential. Still though, stealing TJ between around round 3 isn't bad for a potential 80-90 catch season. In later rounds I would consider Deion Branch or rookie Golden Tate. Deion Branch is a proven competitor and can give you a big week or 4, if he gets the right defense to run through. Golden Tate is my sleeper pick, if he gets the slot like I think he will, I expect him to be a surprise candidate for O-ROY. Not that his numbers will be super stellar, but they won't be gaudy either. I would try to snag either of the two as a backup WR's.

At QB Matt Hasselbeck used to be one of the best at the position, until the injury bug bit him. I do think he will put up solid numbers while playing, the question is how long will his season be. So if you can hold off on picking up the injury prone QB, unless you really need to.

I wouldn't worry about any of the RB's for your draft, since I nor the team expect them to put up big numbers. It's not that Julius Jones or Leon Washington are bad backs, I just don't expect them to put up the numbers consistent enough to consider drafting. Guaranteed, one or both slips through to free agency, wait for that.

On the defensive side of the ball, there is plenty of veteran leadership and a couple outstanding pieces plugging up the middle. As all of us Madden players know, that will not get too much done on Sundays. If you are left with the Seattle defense, well, let's just hope your kicker does better.

Lastly, kicker Olindo Mare is a solid veteran who will get you points, provided the offense gets into range.

- @lostherod

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