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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Los That Fantasy Football

Alright Fantasy Owners, if you still have a draft coming, take this list and create a football powerhouse. No explanations needed, and it begins...

Super Stat Players (The No Brainers)
The players in this group will be top 5 statistically in their respective position categories. Even if they have an "off week", their fantasy points should not go under 12. You can also expect 25+ points at least once this season...

Peyton Manning - QB Indianapolis Colts
Drew Brees - QB New Orleans Saints
Tom Brady - QB New England Patriots
Chris Johnson - RB Tennessee Titans
Adrian Peterson - RB Minnesota Vikings
Maurice Jones Drew - RB Jacksonville Jaguars
Andre Johnson - WR Houston Texans
Brandon Marshall - WR Miami Dolphins
Randy Moss - WR New England Patriots

The Model Of Consistency
The players in this group will give you consistent points throughout the year, 10-20 fantasy points a week. These are the types of players you need to challenge week to week in your league.

Aaron Rodgers - QB Green Bay Packers
Phillip Rivers - QB San Diego Chargers
Tony Romo - QB Dallas Cowboys
Donovan McNabb - QB Washington Redskins
Matt Ryan - QB Atlanta Falcons
Matt Shaub - QB Houston Texans
Cedric Benson - RB Cincinnati Bengals
Shone Green - RB New York Jets
Steven Jackson - RB St. Louis Rams
Ray Rice - RB Baltimore Ravens
Reggie Wayne - WR Indianapolis Colts
Miles Austin - WR Dallas Cowboys
Larry Fitzgerald - WR Arizona Cardinals

Players to nab if the above aren't available
This group will be considered draft steals because you know the owner picking after you wants them too.

Joe Flacco - QB Baltimore Ravens
Mark Sanchez - QB New York Jets
Eli Manninng - QB New York Giants
Kevin Kolb - QB Philadelphia Eagles
Carson Palmer - QB Cincinnati Bengals
Chad Henne - QB Miami Dolphins
Michael Turner - RB Atlanta Falcons
Frank Gore - RB San Francisco 49ers
Ronnie Brown - RB Miami Dolphins
Jamaal Charles - RB Kansas City Chiefs
Greg Jennings - WR Green Bay Packers
Calvin Johnson - WR Detroit Lions
DeSean Jackson - WR Philadelphia Eagles
Steve Smith - WR Carolina Panthers

Sleeper Picks
This group is poised for breakout years, depending on certain things falling in their favor. Things like staying injury free, or if QBs decide midway through the first game that they are going to play this season, we are all waiting Brett...

Jay Cutler - QB Chicago Bears
Jason Campbell - QB Oakland Raiders
Sidney Rice - WR Minnesota Vikings
Percy Harvin - WR Minnesota Vikings
Devin Aromashodu - WR Chicago Bears
Eddie Royal - WR Denver Broncos
Mike-Simms Walker - WR Jacksonville Jaguars
Caddilac Williams - RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
D'Angelo Willimas - RB Carolina Panthers
Darren McFadden - RB Oakland Raiders

Rookie Picks
These rookies will have an impact on their teams

Ryan Matthews - RB San Diego Chargers
Javid Best - RB Detroit Lions
CJ Spiller - RB Buffalo Bills
Dexter McCluster - RB\WR KC Chiefs
Dez Bryant - WR Dallas Cowboys
Jermaine Gresham - TE Cincinnati Bengals

I'm not a fan of tight ends, kickers and defense, but here are a few to get you by...

Antonio Gates - TE San Diego Chargers
Jason Witten - TE Dallas Cowboys
Brent Cellek - TE Philadelphia Eagles
Vernon Davis - TE SF 49ers
Nate Kaeding - K San Diego Chargers
Sebastian Janikowski - K Oakland Raiders
Rob Bironas - K Tennessee Titans
Robbie Gould - K Chicago Bears

NY Jets Def/SP
Chi Bears Def/SP
Minn Vikings Def/Sp
Phi Eagles Def/SP

Alright owners, thats all I have for you player wise. Get your fantasy stat studs in the first couple of rounds, then make sure you get serviceable players after. If you win your league with the help of this list, give a shout out to the blog, and if it fails you, mi mal...

- @lostherod

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  1. No love for RB Jonathan Stewart? He'll probably end up with as many TD's as D. Williams and almost as many yards... just a thought.