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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Los That Links 8-17-10

I'll never ask another grown man for an autograph. Can't do it. Won't do it. It's a pride thing. How anyone over the age of 18 can look themselves in the mirror after doing so.

So imagine my disappointment after getting word that two Cincinnati reporters asked Denver Broncos rookie QB Tim Tebow for his autograph, after his first pre-season game. I'm no "journalistic-ethics" whistle blower, but I am big on self-respect. And frankly, I don't see how you can have much self-respect if you're asking a kid in his underwear to write his name on a piece of paper so you can show it to other people.

Now I'm aware of Tebow-mania. I know that his popularity spreads far and wide over this great land of ours (even on this site). He's a modern day folk hero, only all of his accomplishments have been captured on film with audio. There is no hate being thrown on Tebow (this time).

No, this is directed at anyone 18 and up who is out there asking other people for autographs. Consider this a public service announcement. Please, stop it. You're an embarrassment to yourself and others.

People tend to confuse you with people like us, but we're not the same. We follow sports because we love the game. You follow sports because you love the fame. Two different kinds of lame, but your's carries the heavier stain of shame.
(End Hip Hop Quotable Rant)

On to Los That Links

- Lebron James explains the difference between Akron and Cleveland in a GQ interview, and actually brings some clarity to the situation that led to "The Decision". He also took one fabulous picture.

- Brett Favre is flying back to Minnesota.

- New York Giants wide out Victor Cruz reminded the New York Jets why they need to pay Darrelle Revis.

- Running back Stafon Johnson can't catch a break, unless of course it's a bone in his body.

- Watch as the generation gap between me and the current NBA rookies grows, to the tune of Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How to Dougie".

- And finally, JR Smith improved upon his legacy as the Michael Jordan of neck tattoos.


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