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Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Thing

Tons of sports activity this past weekend; from Championship boxing matches, intense MLB pennant races, a slew of NFL pre-season games & a few professional athlete run-in's with the law to boot. We'll get deeper into most of the stories in later posts, but here's a brief run down of the weekend's top happenings:

MLB: There was a big showdown this weekend between the SF Giants and SD Padres, two teams that are only seperated by a couple of games for the NL West crown. After SF pitcher Jonathan Sanchez declared the Giants would sweep the Padres and take first place, they promptly went out and dropped 2 of three games. Go figure.

NFL: Unless you've been under a rock or in a coma, you have heard about Tim Tebow's debut this weekend against the Bengals. He looked decent, took a couple of big hits and also rushed for a TD late in the game. I think he should be moved ahead of Brady Quinn as the No. 2 QB. His throwing motion is still a little sluggish, but I think more game action will help his development. He's clearly the future in Denver. Other NFL news; Peyton Manning played like, well Peyton Manning, another tough break for Stafon Johnson & RBs dropping like flies in Buffalo.

Other Headlines:

Udonis Haslem gets arrested for Marijuana possesion

Indiana Pacers rookie Lance Stephenson shoves GF down a flight of stairs (story courtesy of Black Sports Online)

Phenom Strasburg calls out 1st Overall pick Bryce Harper

Off-road race crash in California kills 8 spectators

Kobe in the studio w/ Kanye??

Enjoy; check back for more as the day progresses.


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