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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Los The Fallen

LOS THE FALLEN is going to be an occasional rant about a superstar in our sports world that is still trying to hold on to that last glimmer of hope... That bit of name recognition... That media stir that keeps the flame bright... You get the point...

The first star to hit Los The Fallen is tough for me because this guy is/was a person I patterned my own hoop game after, so dammit this one is personal!!!

This one is for you Tracy McGrady, yea I said it. T-Mac, once a NBA scoring champ avg over 30ppg, has gone above and beyond to make sure he is not picked up by a playoff team any time soon. He had a chance to get signed by the Bulls, had the endorsement of key players (Derrick Rose and T-Mac have the same agent) and had management ready to pull the trigger. So how does he blow this, by stating in his interview he "does not mind coming off the bench, but needs to start". Are you serious?!?!? Good sir, please realize that where you are a better option than half the Jazz the Bulls signed, you have a rare tropical knee injury (microfracture) and have not played a full season in years. It kind of reminds me of an episode of "Good Idea Bad Idea"...

(queue cartoon stick figure) 'Good Idea' signing with the Bulls and actually working your way into the starting lineup...

'Bad Idea' saying it'd be a no braininer to sign you and you would make them 30pts better, MINIMUM. (queue rain cloud over cartoon stick figure)

So to you Tracy McGrady I have an offer you can't refuse, as you still are on of my favorites. Come join my squad out in Orange County, It'll only cost you about $100 and you can shine and get out of the first round of the playoffs with us.

- @lostherod

Ed. note-

Here's the story where T-Mac shot his chances of signing with the Bulls a couple weeks ago, and here's a link for "Good Idea, Bad Idea" (quite funny)


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