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Friday, August 6, 2010

NCAA Preseason Coaches Poll Released, Boise St. No. 5

Have the powers that be reconsidered their mid-major bias? The NCAA College Football Preseason Coaches Poll was released today. Alabama is ranked No. 1, no real surprise there. Four spots down, however, there is some reason for intrigue.

Boise State will start the season ranked No.5, a position they usually have to wait until the end of an undefeated season to reach. If they manage to make it to the end of this season undefeated, there is a real possibility that they'll play for the first national championship in the history of the program. The Broncos went 14-0 last season (although technically, I'd say this counts as a loss), winning the Fiesta Bowl, and will have 22 starters returning.

Stay tuned.


  1. Go Gators (3) in the country...

  2. No one cares about the Gators but you & Tebow (just kidding)