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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Los That Links 8-3-10

What's new in the world this morning?

- Reports that Brett Favre has informed Minnesota that he'll retire.

- Lebron James takes an ad out in a newspaper to thank... Akron?

- Albert Haynesworth skips practice.

- For Adam "Pacman" Jones, this is real progress.

- Chargers sneak dis a former teammate with the initials "L.T."

- Marky-Mark says ESPN employees are always boinking because Bristol is the most boring place on earth. Can't find anything wrong with his reasoning.

- Karen Sypher, the woman from the Rick Pitino extortion trial, seconds before "paying" her lawyer fees.

- In case you haven't heard, its a good time to feel sorry for Laurence Fishburne

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