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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Los That Links 8-26-10

No delay today. Let's get right to the links.

- Hide ya kids, hide ya wife! J.R. Smith is choking e'rbody! (

- Rumor has it that Shaq is engaged to "Flavor of Love's" Hoopz. Signs it might be time to retire No. 194: proposing to Flava Flav's sloppy seconds. (

- On a lighter note, how about a little suicide cover-up? (

- Hey Doc, Ron Artest says stop yer b-tchin'. (

- Elin says she didn't beat Tiger with a golf club. Straight face, and everything. (

- Meanwhile, Tiger appears to have gotten his groove back just hours after finalizing his divorce.

- New USC Athletic Director, Pat Haden, says that if Reggie Bush had his soul, he'd return the Heisman. I say, yeah, but what do you need with a Heisman when you have the power to take other people's souls?

- The internet was created for the Chicago White Sox organization, family members, and friends, to take shots publicly at each other for our amusement. (

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