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Monday, August 16, 2010

Los That Links 8-16-10

How's it? Sorry for the continual delay on the Los That Links posts. I'm sure your entire day depends on us providing work distraction. Still on the island of Kauai (Mahalo), but will be returning stateside soon.

Big thanks to ALR and lostherod for helping out with technical issues. Them brothas is talented. On to Los That Links.

- And on the seventh day, God rested. He sat down in front of the big flatscreen in the sky and watched Tim Tebow make his NFL debut. He was pleased...but still skeptical.

- NBA rookie Lance Stephenson is keeping the Indiana Pacer arrested development tradition alive.

- Proven baseball veteran and Hall of Famer the day he retires, Stephen Strasburg, is tired of these unproven rookies holding out for higher pay.

- Brian Westbrook signs w/ the San Francisco 49ers, ensuring a Super Bowl season. Or not.

- Tony Dungy:"Roger Goddell should talk to Rex Ryan about his foul language."
Rex Ryan: "Go (bleep) yourself with your (bleeping) bible, you (bleepity-bleep), (bleep) sucker."

- Reports are Carmelo Anthony won't re-sign in Denver. It remains a total and complete mystery as to where he'll possibly sign. A complete unknown.(Concrete jungle where dreams are made of...)

- Aaron Schobel retires. Aaron, we hardly ever knew you. No, seriously, we don't know who you are.

- Finally, the Francisco Rodriguez locker room fight with his girlfriend's father resulted in a suspension, a torn hand ligament, and apparently, a loss of $30 million if the NY Mets get their way. And you though Manny Pacqiao vs. Floyd Mayweather was gonna cost some money.

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