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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Talk Like A 'Mack'

Another story I saw on ESPN... apparently Texas U. head football coach Mack Brown believes that if Reggie Bush gives up his Heisman from '05, it should go to runner-up Vince Young. Here's some background info; Bush recently has taken some heat from improper benefits he received while a member of USC's power house of a college football program. After a outstanding 2005 campaign Bush was awarded the prestigious Heisman Trophy.

Here's my take; Mack Brown needs to silence that nonsense. Everyone knows D-1 college athletes get some kind of compensation besides scholarships (it's just a matter of if or when they get caught). After Vince Young went pro, the man could barely put together a proper sentence like any student of a top college should be able to. You can't convince me that he didn't get "special benefits". Colleges and the NCAA make millions of dollars a year off of these players while they are in school with ticket sales, jerseys and other various merchandise. Shouldn't these players be allowed to make a living off their exploits? And furthermore, Reggie Bush was awarded the Heisman based on his on the field accomplishments that season, and whether or not he got a little something on the side shouldn't be the issue, right?

Mack Brown's words sounds like those of a bitter coach whose program hasn't produced a Heisman winner since Ricky Williams in 1998. You would think beating USC & Reggie Bush in that great championship game would have been enough. I guess not..


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