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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sparking The Tebow Debate

Tim Tebow is top 5 best college player of all time. Dominated the SEC, which is possibly the strongest conference in the NCAA. *I will also be doing a write up on that soon, shameless plug* He just signed a deal for 5 years worth $33m, already picked up an endorsement deal, has the top selling jersey all before throwing one of those bad motioned passes of his. The debate question is... Where will Tim Tebow be in 5 years?

My take on the subject... I think Tebow will eventually be the starter for the Broncos. I don't think he will have stellar numbers, but I do think the intangibles of finding ways to win will prevent epic late season collapses, like the down the stretch 2-6 record the Broncos had last season from happening. Yes the throwing motion is slow and atrocious. Yes reading defenses needs to be improved. Yes this guy knows how to win games...

Weigh-in in the COMMENTS section, and let the Tebow debate begin!!!

- @lostherod


  1. First things first; I am not a big Tim Tebow supporter. Now that I got that out the way...

    He be the starter for the Broncos in 5 yrs. You don't waste a 1st round draft pick on someone who you don't project to be a starter right away or in the very near future. But here is why I don't think he'll be very successful:

    Tebow is the epitomy of a system quarterback. Florida's offense was designed for him to dominate a college football game and control the clock. The main reason I don't see a scheme designed around his skill set is simple; the speed of the NFL game is much faster than the SEC.

    My biggest issue with his throwing motion is how slow and predictable it is. Once Tebow begins to wind up, NFL DB's will lock in and jump the route or he'll suffer a ton of sacks. Is he atheletic? Sure, but he doesn't have the 'wiggle' moves to avoid supreme defensive pressure.

    In Tebow's defense, I will way that he is a smart QB and determined kid that just may will him team to victories. I just think he needs too much work to be successful right away.

  2. Yeah...nah...Tebow will not be good, at all. He's a good, Christian QB. He has a nice story. But his mechanics + the target on his back from hype = an enhanced learning curve for someone who was already going to have a hard enough time learning the position in the NFL.

    And let's not just gloss over his mechanics. His shit is "Charles Barkley-golf-swing-bad". He runs hard, but he's not fast. Tommie Frazier is rolling over in his grave after learning about Tebow's contract. Like, "They gave THIS dude a shot AND $, but not me?"

    They will throw him out on the field, and the field will throw him right back.