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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hi Hater!!

There seems to be an epidemic going around and it's been affecting a few young star athletes these days. It has recently struck the likes of LeBron "Prince" James, Carmelo Anthony, and to a lesser extent the Cowboys Martellus Bennett (who?). It is the ability to distinguish an opinion or constructive critism from "hate". It's as if they consider anyone who disagrees with what they are doing as a "hater". Here's why I disagree...

I think what these young players fail to realize is that they are public figures. In today's technology age anything they do and/or say in public is accessible to fans and the media. Critism is part of being a high profile celebrity. People look up to these players and when they do things that people don't agree with the people have every right to express their opinions. Disagreeing with the way LeBron handled free agency doesn't make a person a hater, it makes someone a critic (granted, Dan Gilbert did go overboard). Bomani Jones' opinion of Carmelo on ESPN "First Take" this morning doesn't make him a hater, it makes him a sports journalist with an opinion. He's doing his job. The entire fotball world calling Martellus Bennett a bust doesn't make everyone a hater, it makes them correct (#shotsfired).

What these players should do is use all the critism and opinions as motivation to prove all the naysayers wrong. Maybe talk to some veterans and learn what it means to truly be a professional and stop acting like children. You don't have to go out and be saints because stars are still human, but learn how to be an adult.

There's an old saying that goes "talk is cheap". You want to hush the critics? Prove it with you play and not your tweets and interviews.


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