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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TX Gov. Rick Perry: Cliff Lee is Staying

Texas Govenor Rick Perry made an appearance on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" last night, publicizing his new book, Fed Up: Our Fight to Save America from Washington. In addition to hitting the required right wing talking points (big government = bad, border control = good), he mentioned that this administration's policies are going to have a direct effect on the Major League Baseball free agency movement, especially one Texas Ranger, in particular.

Gov. Perry said that Texas Rangers ace Cliff Lee will re-sign with the club, and the Obama administration, along with a century-old legislation is to thank.

Stewart: "So in your mind... when did Washington go off the rails?"

Gov. Perry: "About a century ago, actually."

Stewart: "Seriously?"

Gov. Perry: "Wilson, and the Progressive movement started. The Sixteenth Amendment, giving them the opportunity to take your money with the personal income tax. That's the reason Cliff Lee is gonna stay in Texas..."

So Gov. Perry either has his finger on the pulse of the economic crisis this country is experiencing, and how it directly relates to his state, as well as the desire of one free agent pitcher who has worked in Texas for all of three months... or he's possibly talking out of his backside, promoting a book. You decide.


  1. THE YANKEES/'TANK-EES, SAY....BOO HOO! How can we buy another pennant if we can't outspend the rest of MLB and get all the top free agents? How, can we? Boo Hoo!

  2. how come he had nothing to say when Bush went the big government route

  3. Perry is an absolute idiot. The Yankees will have the most money on the table, the best chance to win every single year, and they have Cliff Lee's best friend CC Sabathia. The Rangers were a one year wonder and everybody outside of Dallas knows it. Keep dreaming Perry, Lee is already looking for apartments in Manhattan

  4. Cliffy is lookin' for a place in Hoboken, then he takes the 'Path' into work.

  5. The Yankees were embarrassed in the playoffs.
    So. . all you Yankee fans get use to losing. Your players are old.