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Friday, December 3, 2010

Springsteen Band Member Disturbed By Praise Of Mike Vick

Nils Lofgren, solo artist and former member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, recently sent this open letter to "to the men and women of the sports reporting community" via ESPN. It was a pretty passionate letter explaining how he is disturbed by the attention Philadelphia Eagles QB Micheal Vick is getting for his spectacular performance this season. Here is one glaring quote from the letter than struck a nerve with me:

“When you do what Vick did, a second chance should never include the rare gift of an NFL career and the potential bounty it offers.”

First off, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I can't dispute that. And at the same time it is my right to disagree with said opinion. Which in this case, I disagree.

True be told, what Vick was convicted for was cruel and insensitive. He committed his crime with little regard for the consequence or without considering how it may be viewed. But the fact of the matter is that Vick has served his court appointed debt to society. He did his time. And to say that Vick shouldn't be in the NFL because his crime was against animals is preposterous.

Saying that he should not be allow "the rare gift of an NFL career" is a little off based to me. I think because of the high profile of the National Football League, most of the general public forget that an NFL position is, an essence, a job. They get paid a salary just like any other working class individual. If you want to point the finger at anyone for Vick's NFL career, than it should be pointed at the owners who are profiting hand over fist from anything he produces on the field.

Michael Vick is a professional football player. He makes his living between those sidelines. Saying that he shouldn't be allowed to play in the NFL is basically saying his should not be allowed to make a living in the career of his choice. Proclaiming that Vick should not be considered for the MVP award for his on the field performance is basically in line with saying an ex-con should never be considered for an Employee Of The Year merit, which is technically what the MVP is.

Many may disagree with my point of view on this, and I can accept that. But correct me if I am wrong, but isn't our correctional facility and judicial system in place to rehabilitate an individual to become a better member of our society? And in Vick's case, does that not appear to be what has transpired?

But as I said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.



  1. Mr. Lofgren,

    Who cares what your opinion is; you are a musician and that is all. Also, who are you to decide what person should be given a second chance? The man has done his time, lost millions and seems genuinely remorseful. Please send your open letters to people who care what over-indulgent celebrities think.


  2. Mr. Lofgren,

    Way to go, being a musician is a wonderful career which yes more people will read what you have to say over someone who is not known, and in this case, I commend you for taking the time to remind the public of Vick's heinous crime an related facts about low life Vick. You are absolutely correct the NFL should have banned him, we do not need talent over a poor example of a civilized human being that our kids look up to.


    Dog Lover and Humanitarian