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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chicago Bulls Shooting Guard Search

Rumor has it the Chicago Bulls are in the market for a shooting guard as the New Year approaches. That's no big surprise because after taking a good chunk of the Utah Jazz roster in the off season, the Bulls still have a need to fill at the shooting guard position. Being the matchmaker that I am, I have four suggestions that could be possible suitors. I am not going to get into salary restrictions and things like that, strictly matchmaking.

Monta Ellis
Monta is really just a filler suggestion because I don't think he would compliment Derrick Rose or Carlos Boozer well. If this did work somehow, Monta would add a scoring threat that could give 30pts on any given night, imagine a Monta Ellis/Derrick Rose fast break. He shoots enough to make the point production happen, but the problem would be what happens if he is having an off night and trying to get things going, I don't think an 8-27 game will work in the Chicago system. Defense could also be an issue since he is undersized at the shooting guard position. I like the gambling and play the passing lane style, I just don't think Coach Thibodeau is a supporter. All in all, Monta Ellis is lightening quick and a very versatile scorer, I just don't think the fit is right.

Eric Gordon
I know this match would not happen, but if it did, it could be trouble for the East. Gordon can spread the floor and consistently (which is a very underrated adjective in the NBA) knock down jump shots. The Bulls can have a drive and kick situation with Rose or a shooter if Boozer gets double teamed. Gordon can also finish at the rim and get to the free throw line as well as any top scorer in the NBA. Undersized on ball defense could be a problem here, but he has a good foundation to at least prevent most guards from getting to their favorite spots on the floor. This match is good, but not the match the Bulls need.

Courtney Lee
Courtney Lee may not have the star power, but he could fit well with Bulls and develop into a solid piece of the puzzle. Lee has the ability to score with anyone, he is fearless attacking the basket and his midrange jumper is effective. At 6'5 he can defend and I think he would be willing to learn how to get better defensively under Coach Thibodeu. I think the problem here is consistency. Lee could give the Bulls nice production, I just don't think he can do it night in and night out.

OJ Mayo
OJ Mayo has the potential to be one of the top players in the league. Before the readers yell at me, hear me out. He has unlimited range, can get to the rim and generally makes good decisions with the ball in his hands. He has the ability to make clutch shots, and can at 6'4 he can defend effectively. What OJ needs to improve on is his mindset, thinking within the game and footwork. OJ's mindset is not as aggressive as it should be since he is admittedly confused about his role in Memphis. Thinking within the game is about using counter moves and staying 3 steps ahead of the defense. Developing footwork could help him become a better defender and maybe get smaller guards in the low/high post. He would be a great fit for the Bulls because his skill set, (shooting, scoring, willing passer, marginal defending), is a compliment to what Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer bring to the Bulls already. I think we found our Match people.

Honorable mention to JJ Redick, because most people that know me are aware that I have always said JJ needs a change of scenery or the Magic should move Vince. The Bulls had a chance and the Magic matched the offer. Now that Vince is gone, JJ is shining...

- @lostherod is the Twitter handle if anyone wants to debate... I'm all for it


  1. How about Luol Deng for Brandon Roy? Roy's got the bad knees, but wouldn't have to be as much of a focal point as he is in Portland, w/ Rose, Boozer, and company sharing the load.

  2. I'd rather have Deng than Roy, with his bad knees.