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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Hitters NCAAF

It's that time of year sports fans... NCAA Football... The time for Mascots, bands, age old rivalries with region specific names (my favorite being the Biggest Cocktail Party in the South) and the exciting shoot out brand of football only the NCAA can bring in hopes of hoisting the BCS Championship.

This season is poised to bring plenty of excitement within the BCS schools because there is no clear cut favorite to turn in an undefeated season and get to that championship game outright. This season maybe one of the factors in voting for a playoff system within college football. I can see plenty of scenarios taking place similar to how Oklahoma beats Texas, but Texas beats Texas Tech who beat Oklahoma so Texas can get in the Big 12 title game. Tantalizing to say the least. So here are a few things to watch as this season goes...

Starting with a few schools in the top 10 from the Top 25 Poll as posted on

- Will super-athlete Terrell Pryor lead THE Ohio State Buckeyes to the promised land? They have been picked as an early favorite to win it all.

- Will Alabama repeat as National Champs? My feeling is no, but QB Greg McElroy has a 0 in the win/loss column in his career that says otherwise.

- Will Boise State crash the National Championship game this year? They better not with that cupcake schedule. Ok ok, games against 2 ranked teams aren't bad, but their conference stinks.

- The new QB era begins for Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas... Replacing 2 time Heisman winner Jesus, this year's #1 pick in the NFL and the winningest QB in FBS history at those respective schools is a tall order for anyone.

- Lastly, will teams like Virgina Tech, Miami and Nebraska make a case for themselves when it is all said and done?

It will be an interesting season, I will be watching with my drink in one hand and some form of good saturday food in other. I will also post some predictions for those who like to make gentleman wagers with their buddies... Stay tuned

- @lostherod

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