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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Denver Nuggets Coach Says Kobe Bryant is "The Jordan Of This Era"

Per this story by the Denver Post, Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl, one of the longest tenured coaches in the NBA, had some very high remarks at today's shootaround regarding Lakers star guard Kobe Bryant, before the Nuggets play the Los Angeles tonight on TNT:

“He’s a top-5, top-10 player in all-time. He’s established himself of the Michael Jordan of this era. His excellence and championship mentality is pretty obvious almost every night he plays, and I think that’s what fans want to see.”

That's quite a compliment from Karl. We all have heard the comparisons to Kobe and Michael Jordan and for a coach who has had to gameplan against both players to make such a comparison is definitely saying something. Karl has been a NBA head coach since 84-85 and has a career winning percentage of almost .600 so he might know a little bit about what he's talking about.

The defending champion Lakers are 8-0 so far this season and off to their best start in years, while the Nuggets are currently 4-4 and coming off an embarrassing 144-113 loss the Pacers back on 11/9, although the Nuggets always play the Lakers tough in the regular season. Expect tonight's matchup to be a good test for the Lakers.

But we'll save the Kobe/Jordan debate for another day...



  1. Kobe is the shit and I'm not even a Lakers fan.

    - Cilii_blog -

  2. Kobe sucks all about himself. Not like Jordan he helped everyone around him succeed.

  3. no jordan did not! u loser

  4. Kobe is definitely the Jordan of his era.

  5. Hate Kobe but have to admit he's an alltime great... Ouch!!

  6. Larry "legend"November 13, 2010 at 8:32 AM

    Kobe is incredible and probably the closest thing we will see to Michael, BUT - remember back in the mid- eighties , the 3 time MVP said "we ( celtics) played GOD last night disguised as Michael Jordan". Kobe could win 8 championships and he will NEVER b like Mike. Very close- yes, but - prime vs prime ,forget it! Jordan, simply had "it" that intangeable that only he possesed. You can't put your finger on it, or clearly identify what it was,but you knew it when you saw it. If you asked any basketball guru that he or she had one game to win or one shot to take and the choices were Jordan and Kobe, I honestly believe that only Kobes mom would choose him, and that's debatable Dont worry "black mamba" , there's no shame in being 2nd to someone Larry Bird referred to as GOD on the parquet

  7. Both are great players and they play the same position. Who is better? Let the future decide.