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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jalen Rose on Trash Talk "What Happens On The Court Should Stay There"

Earlier this morning on espn's "First Take", former NBA guard Jalen Rose made a very good point regarding the alleged trash talk between Kevin Garnett & Charlie Villanueva. If you aren't aware, apparently during the Boston Celtics game (or should I say scrimmage) against the Pistons on Tuesday, Villanueva says that Garnett called him a "cancel patient" (see here for the report). Villanueva took to twitter to "expose" KG. Garnett responded that he told Villanueva "he's cancerous to his team". Believe who you will.

Jalen Rose made this point today; basically the NBA court is a sanctuary. Trash talk is a part of the game. What happens on the court should be kept there and not taken to the net or twitter. It's common knowledge that Garnett is a big trash talker on the court and will do anything to psyche out his opponent. He even talks to himself on the court. Whether KG really said it or not only he and Villanueva really know.

Although cancer is a very harsh and touchy subject, in my opinion Villanueva should have handled it on the court and moved on. If Garnett did indeed say it he should apologize and that's a different debate for another day... but Villanueva taking it to the net may not have been the best approach. Neither was KG's response, which actually made him look more guilty than anything.

Overall the point is, settle it on the court and leave it there. Either drop some heavy numbers on KG's head or hit him with an elbow or something (like Anthony Peeler did a few years back). Handle it on the hardwood and move on.

-ALR (@a_ramsey on twitter)

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  1. Agreed. What happens on the court, stays on the court.