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Monday, November 1, 2010

Randy Moss Waived By Vikings? (Updated)

This rumor has been all over the web, and NFL Network has confirmed that Randy Moss has been placed on waivers by the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings traded a 3rd round rick to New England just under a couple months ago for the wide receiver but you could tell in his body language and talk that he was not down with losing in Minnesota.

ed. - Apparently, head coach Brad Childress made the decision to release Moss without everyone in the organization on board. Moss doesn't officially hit waivers until tomorrow so this can develop in a number of ways. Once Waived, Moss could be claimed by any team, with waiver claims in priority of worst team to best (meaning New England stands the least likely chance of reaquiring the receiver).

When I head of this the first thing I could think of was a return to New England. But where will Moss really end up is anyone's guess.

One thing is for sure; Randy Moss press conferences > T.O. press conferences. Yesterday he sounded like he really missed playing for the Pats (who also own the league's best record). This season has been a circus so far. Just another week in the World's Greatest Reality TV Show, aka the National Football League.


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