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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Clippers Stay Losing

One win in their first nine games, being outscored by an average of ten points a night? Call that par for the course in Clipperland.

Starting center Chris Kaman goes down with an ankle injury, and is expected to miss two weeks? Yawn.

Point guard Baron Davis make $13 million this year, averages 8 ppg, 4 assists, and shoots 32 percent from the floor? No need to stop the press.

And now, after being baptized in the Los Angeles Clipper funk by missing his true rookie season to injury, former first overall pick Blake Griffin has been videotaped as the world's most recent Shake Weight victim.

The "rookie" power forward for the Clippers is averaging a double-double this season (16 ppg, 10 reb) and has quickly become a fan favorite for his reckless on-court play. However, this showing of off-court recklessness is sure to have the Clipper faithful resorting to the same head motion they've grown accustomed to watching the team play for the last 30 years, the head shake.
You may now resume not giving a d--- about the Clippers.

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