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Friday, November 5, 2010

Braylon Edwards Claims Comments "Taken Out Of Context"

Yesterday, it was reported that New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards said that quarterback Mark Sanchez hasn't earned the right to criticize yet (see here for the story).

Well today, per this report over at Edwards and a Jets spokesman say that his comments were taken out of context. Here are the comments:

"The quote was taken out of context, I just spoke to the (spokesperson) about it" Edwards said.

"He was referring to quarterbacks in general, not to Mark Sanchez," the spokesperson said. "Those comments were not made specifically toward Mark they were made toward just playing the quarterback position."

Hey Braylon; "We Don't Believe You." Funny that once some of these off the wall comments players make go public how quickly they try to clean them up.

Just another example of wide receivers being divas. Despite his lofty draft status (he went 3rd overall back in 2005) Edwards has only had one good season and has been surrounded by off the field controversy. Criticizing your young QB when you are barely a top 30 receiver might not have been the best idea. Why not try thinking before you speak? Got thing the Jets have good PR.

Braylon Edwards please do better.

-ALR (@a_ramsey on twitter)

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