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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Buffalo Joker

Without fantasy football, I would never have heard of third-year Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson. Now, he may just be my favorite player in the NFL.

Johnson first caught my attention about a month ago, when I needed to add a wide receiver to my fantasy squad, "Grandad Pause!". He had just come off of a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars where he caught two TDs, so I took a flyer on him.

In his first game with my squad, he caught 11 passes for 145 yards, and he hasn't seen the bench since. Still, I had zero idea who he was, what he looked like, or even (before I began writing this) where he was from.

Fast forward to yesterday, and America witnessed Johnson play "The Joker" to TOcho's "Batman and Robin" in the Bills 49-31 come-from-behind blowout over the Cincinnati Bengals, and it is possible that a star has been born.

Johnson caught 8 passes for 137 yards and 3 TDs. After one of the TDs, he unveiled his "Why So Serious" t-shirt. Then, in the postgame press conference, he very eloquently explained both his performance, and his celebration, while wearing only a wifebeater (a tank top t-shirt for those not in the know).

What's not to like?

Only time will tell if Johnson is able to parlay this newfound success into stardom, but I'm hoping he does. In doing my research (and examining some of the tattoos) I discovered that Johnson and I both are Bay Area (Yay Areaaaaa!) natives, so aside from my own fantasy success, I now have even more of a reason to wish him well.

Johnson is well on his way to a 1,000 yard season, and he his 9 TD receptions are good for third in the NFL. More importantly, he was featured in ESPN Monday Night Countdown's "C'mon Man" segment, in which eventual Hall of Famer (if there is a God) Chris Carter was so befuddled by Johnson's press conference performance, he took off his own shirt, and finished the segment in his "wifebeater".
Why so serious?

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