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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

South Beach Hotels Making Adjustments for NBA Players

Saw this over at probasketballtalk... Looks like since the arrival of one #6 (how we at LTSB refer to LeBron James for the new readers) even hotels in popular South Beach are making adjustments for potential NBA suitors. (If you've never been to South Beach, I suggest you go. NOW. Back to the post...)

Here are some of the revisions hotels are making, according to the Miami Herald:

"Some of the area’s newest hotels have consulted with the Heat to find out how to make their rooms as attractive as possible for professional athletes, who might bang their heads in the shower or knees on the vanity in a room made for regular folks.

With taller-than-average guests in mind, Miami’s riverfront Epic Hotel at 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way, across from the Marriott, was built with high rain-style shower heads, roomy ceilings and raised vanities.
A dozen rooms there cater to the very tall with 96-inch beds — available in some other hotels in the boutique Kimpton chain."

Some changes also include larger weights in Hotel gyms, longer massage tables, and even regulation basketball goals with shot clocks in entertainment centers. Some have extended room service hours to accommodate patrons in case they want to eat after games (or feed the groupies). There are even advertising campaigns targeted around concepts such as "Live Like LeBron" "Turn Up The Heat". Not bad.

Smart move by the hotel chains that are offering these revisions as the potential NBA consumer can bring a lot of business and attention to the establishments (not to mention a whole slew of groupies). The Miami Heat are currently on a 5-game home stand so the area should see a ton of $$ rolling in during that span. Aside from the potential NBA suitor the hotels can also benefit from patrons traveling to the area to watch a game and also stay downtown. I mean, who wouldn't want to stay around a bunch of over-sized athletes?

All the groupies and "stans" can thank me later (no Drake).


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