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Monday, November 1, 2010

What I Learned This Sports Weekend


In the college football world, the focus was on the the 7 undefeateds in the BCS standings and who was going to fall and allow either Boise St or TCU into the National Championship game. Two of the teams did fall, Michigan St and Missouri, but those are not the two teams the BCS Busters need to have that shot. Right now it looks like Auburn and Oregon are on the way to that #1 vs #2 showdown, eventhough I kind of wish Boise St could get there and see if they are more than just an easy schedule team, I don't think they are.

Speaking of #1 Oregon and #2 Auburn, it looks like the Heisman Trophy may go to one of those schools. It looks like Auburn's super athlete QB Cameron Newton is the favorite at the moment with over 1000 yards in both rushing and passing, as well as over 10 touchdowns in each category, ridiculous stats. Second in line has to be Oregon's star runner LaMichael James, who has 1210 yards and 14 touchdowns on the ground. Boise St's efficient QB Kellen Moore should be mention here as well, with 1800 yards/18 touchdowns/2 interceptions, but I think the schedule thing will hurt him in the end.

The last thing I learned in college football is that passing is becoming highly over-rated. It seems the spread offense and the zone reads are taking over. These athlete QB's are becoming all the rage. The Cam Newton's, Denard Robinson's and Terelle Pryor's just to name a few. There are some good passers left like, Andrew Luck, Jake Locker (at times), Ricky Stanzi and Kellen Moore, but the athletic run first be able to make the check down pass second is where it is.


In the get paid league, I learned the Kansas City Chiefs find ways to win games through the running game and special teams. I'm still not a believer in Matt Cassel, but he is getting the less than 200 yards through the air needed to help his team win, way to take the game out of his hands coach.

Calvin Johnson has improved his Top 5 WR standing, I would almost say he's 2nd best behind Andre Johnson. It's tough, but a case can be made.

The 5-2 Tampa Bay Bucs find ways to win too and schedule wise, they could easily go 11-6 on the season.

Horrible decision to bench Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman due to the "2-minute offense". I think my favorite tweet about it was, "I wouldn't trust Rex Grossman with the last 2-minutes of my microwave popcorn".

Lastly, Brett Farve played on the ankle very well until he was put out with laceration thing. Did anyone see Randy Moss jog out a pass that could have been caught for a TD?


I saw Derrick Rose, 39pts, and the Chicago Bulls erase a 20 point deficit and beat the Detroit Pistons by 10. It was amazing to watch and it could be trouble when Carlos Boozer is available.

The Los Angeles Lakers are undefeated, but it looks like they are coasting through these games. Andrew Bynum and Luke Walton out, and the Lakers are making this look easy. I credit the depth of the bench. We know what Kobe and Pau will give nightly, but the way Shannon Brown, Steve Blake and even Matt Barnes have been playing, it seems like there is no drop off in the offense and the defense gets picked up. Signs of 3-Peat...

Until they ran into the Lakers and before Stephen Curry went down, the Golden State Warriors were looking nice, even playing a little defense.

D Wade, 6 and the Heat seemed to shake out the opening game loss and have been on a tear. They smashed the Orlando Magic and put a beating on the New Jersey Nets. It looks like Mr Wade decided he's going to put his stamp on the early part of the season scoring wise and it seems to solve the chemistry issue (6 does have tons of turnovers trying to play pg).

That's all I got, oh there is the San Francisco Giants are close to winning the World Series and Tiger Woods isn't the world's #1 golfer anymore.

- @lostherod

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