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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nate Washington On Randy Moss "I Don't Think We Need Him"

I guess everyone isn't a fan of Randy Moss joining the Tennessee Titans. Per this report on, receiver Nate Washington (who was signed to be the Titans resident deep threat) thinks the Titans were fine without Moss. Here's what Washington had to say...

"I don't really think we need him," Washington said. "I'm going to speak up and say that we have so many good young guys. If it so happens he does come to this locker room, we'll find a way to make it work. That's the type of guys we are. We aren't individuals . . . We have a team goal in mind. That's what we're reaching for."

I can't say whether Washington is the minority or majority with this, as his teammate and star running back Chris Johnson appears to be ecstatic about the addition of Moss. Maybe lil' Nate knows he'll get less passes thrown his direction (well, duh...). They have similar stats so far this season, but you also have to figure in that Moss basically quit on both the Patriots & Minnesota. Either way it will be interesting to see how these two respond to each other now that Moss is on board.
Pipe down Lil' Nate! Maybe Randy will help you get one on one coverage on the outside and improve on those 21 catches, 351 yards and 4 TD's you've gotten so far.
Or not? *Shrugs*


  1. Nate needs to man that slot if they have any chance

  2. im a die hard fan of tennessee titans been with this team since earl cambel dan pastirine(sic)etc. this is to nate i have suffered great loss with this team and right now the only reason i dont celebrate a superbowl is because my man price got hurt in the afc championship game against the jaguars and you say we dont need randy ur scared i wants to win catch the right ball not at the one yard line tenn. v st. louis