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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Was David Lee's Injury Mishandled By The Warriors?

Saw this via a RT from fellow blogger Stiletto Jill (check her blog out Per this story on, it seems as if the Golden State Warriors' medical staff may have mishandled an injury forward David Lee suffered after his elbow caught Knicks forward Wilson Chandler, breaking 2 of Chandler's teeth into Lee's elbow. Here's the sequence (according to the report):

•Abdenour puts a wrap around Lee’s Arm during the game

•Abdenour puts another wrap around the arm after the first one bleeds through with about 3 minutes left in the game
•Supposedly, the Knicks medical staff takes care of the cut
•David wakes up with the most pain he’s ever felt in his life, swollen arm, can’t move his hand
•Bulls medical staff checks out Lee for the next game in Chicago, suggests a visit to the hospital
•Lee has surgery last Friday for an infected laceration
•Lee is back in the hospital again today

I'm no doctor, but missing a couple weeks from a "cut" is a lot of time, and waking up from said cut with your arm swollen is cause for serious concern. But I do know that infections are a serious matter and should be handled accordingly. Hopefully they can get this resolved quickly and Lee can return to the court without any further complications.

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to David Lee.



  1. They certainly did! Every physician knows that human bites get infected. He should have had careful debridement and antibiotics immediately after the game.
    MD Warrior fan

  2. Ditto the comment from MD Warrior fan.
    A deep human bite or equivalent should be treated as if it is already infected.
    ER vet

  3. And, here's a dentist who agrees with the physician and the "ER vet". The human mouth has more significant strains of bacteria present than your typical domesticated or wild animal. Human bite wounds should be treated with antibiotic therapy as a matter of routine. The bacteria is not a problem residing in our mouths, but it is when it breaks through the surface of our skin, mucosa or gingiva.

  4. It is an infection....all will be cured
    fairly soon. CaCa pasa!

  5. Does Wilson brush his teeth?