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Friday, November 5, 2010

Mickael Pietrus Argues Over Playing Time

Just saw this via @probasketballtalk... Orlando Magic G/F Mickael Pietrus was unhappy with head coach Stan Van Gundy regarding playing time and let the coach know about it.

Here are Van Gundy's comments on the incident, "“MP was unhappy about when he went into the game and he was unhappy about me telling him to play defense,” (Magic coach Stan) Van Gundy said. “He didn’t like what I was saying and I didn’t like his response, so I took him out of the game…”

Pietrus responded with this, "“I’m a very competitive guy. What I miss the most is being out there,” Pietrus said. “It’s not playing time; it’s getting back that adrenalin that I need. It’s hard for me not to have that.

”It’s why I’m so frustrated. … I respect Stan. Of course. He’s like part of my family.”

At least Pietrus took the politically correct high road with his response. If you recall, Magic guard J.J. Redick once had an issue with Van Gundy's rotation pattern and even requested to be traded, which the Magic declined to do. If this incident will be a big issue going forward is interesting as Pietrus' defense and outside shooting are vital to the team's success.

It should be noted that whatever method is behind Van Gundy's antics seems to work as the Magic have gone deep in the playoffs each of the last few seasons. Maybe his motivation tactics will play out in the Magic's favor again this season. Maybe not. We'll see...

-ALR (@a_ramsey on twitter)

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