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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"They Should Have Never Gave LeBron James Twitter!"

LeBron James just can't seem to catch a break. First, the media ripped him apart for "The Decision" and the way it was handled. Not too long after, #6 took to his newly opened twitter page proclaiming that he's taking notes on everyone taking "shots" at him (no Gilbert Arenas). Then James retweeted some racist rants directed towards him to let it be known to the public the type of hate he has to endure (which is really sad of society, but this is about race).

Then over the weekend, James lashed out via his twitter feed at urban gossip website media takeout for rumors of him and Kim Kardashian being somehow linked romantically (see here at for more on that).

Something I think James needs to realize is that websites like MTO feed off of drama and the fact that society lavishes in it. By him blasting them via his twitter account, he pretty much sent a very portion of his 975,000+ followers to their website and making MTO a ton on money. Which is exactly what they wanted. It's tough to say he should have consulted with his PR people before lashing out as people make rash decisions when emotionally charged but James has to be a little wiser than that.

Here at LTSB we may be critical of #6, but mainly for his performance on the court. I really hope as James continues to mature as a basketball player (which he has shown signs of this season) he will also continue to grow as an adult and learn to make better "decisions". Now stop jacking up so many 3's and get to the rack like a 6'8, 250 monster is supposed to!


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