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Monday, November 8, 2010

More Publicity, More Problems for Cameron Newton

Auburn University's Heisman candidate quarterback Cameron Newton is back in the news again for the wrong reasons, this time for allegedly cheating academically while back at Florida (see here for the report). Apparently Newton handed in a paper that was written by another student. After asked to resubmit the paper Newton turned in a paper that was purchased off the net. Cam apparently is better at ripping apart defenses than pulling a fast one on NCAA instructors.

Newton has already been in the news recently for reports surrounding his recruitment prior to attending Auburn, where it is rumored that his services were being offered for cash. These reports were preceded by a 2008 arrest for stealing a laptop while Newton was at Florida. Newton transferred to Binn College in TX before helping Auburn to a No. 2 ranking in the current BCS standings.

It seems as if the kid cannot stay out of trouble, which will not bode well or Newton's draft status should he consider to skip his senior season(which may be the best option for the 6'6 athlete). Whether or not these reports will hurt Newton's Heisman chances are unknown but they definitely won't help.

Make the jump for the money after the season Cam; then you can get paid for while doing whatever you want. Just try not to get caught.



  1. Nice to see all the trash comes out after the guys has a good season......all this still doesn't take 1 win away, tools.

  2. the problrms at Florida should have been concluded prior to him coming to Auburn. That should have been reported to Auburn then NCAA investagate at that time. I f issue then he should not be playing per the school. All this blow up at this time is because they are winning. when they lose to Alabama and Florida then all this stuff will go away.

  3. were is the proof to the pudding, all these aligations and no one has came foward with any physical proof. i say shut up or put up!@!!!!

  4. Whether he cheated on a paper 2 years ago is completely irrelevant now. The NCAA doesn't care if he cheated on a paper as long as the UF athletic department didn't help him do it. And even then it would affect UF and not Auburn. He could have been expelled for this, spent a year at a JuCo and been prefectly eligible to play anywhere in the country. This is just more dirt on the pile. In the end, it will mean absolutely nothing.

  5. His recruitment to Auburn isn't under investigation; it's his recruitment to Mississippi State. And he never stole a laptop; he bought a stolen laptop (by the way, any charges were dropped, unlike the charges that LaMichael James beat up his girlfriend). And dumbass he has stayed out of trouble. His alleged cheating happened two years ago at Florida. Get your facts straight.

  6. it's a straight out smear campaign

  7. Maybe you should go back and read the facts. He was charged with "burgulary" and the charges were dismissed, not dropped. There's a difference. And the post never said anything about his recruitment to Florida. This is about trouble he got into while attending Florida. Read a little closer before making a comment. I actually hope the kid wins the Heisman as he's been spectacular on the field and out of trouble this season.


  8. While we're talking "facts" this statement:

    "These reports were preceded by a 2008 arrest for stealing a laptop while Newton was at Florida."

    Is extremely misleading. He was arrested for 'stealing a laotop' but ultimately charged with receiving stolen property. There's a huge difference between the two in terms of the class of offense.

    Also this statement:

    "It seems as if the kid cannot stay out of trouble, "

    Would be a lot more accurate if new had broken about academic cheating NOW instead of 2 years ago. He has, in fact, 'stayed out of trouble' for over two years now. He can't seem to stay out of the news, but that's a different story all-together.


  9. All of this was reported in our local newspapers years ago. What a shame it has to come up now but the truth is the truth. He is one fine athelete whom has integrity issues. He was definately gonna not be eligible to play for Florida after 2008 and left school after Christmas break.

  10. What's the official count on urban meyers players being arrested...21? With all that has gone on in college sports(and is going on) all you can report about two year old news. Weak.

  11. Lamichael James was arrested for domestic violence....but who cares about silly stuff like that right? Buying a stolen laptop or buying a paper off the Internet seems to be a bigger deal...sports reporters have really become national enquirer rumor peddlers.

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