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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Antonio Margarito Crosses The Line

Boxer Antonio Margarito, who is preparing for a HBO PPV super welterweight title match with Manny Paquiao, has taken trash talk a little too far. Video has surfaced of Margarito mocking Pac-man's trainer Freddie Roach who suffers from Parkinson's Disease. Here's the video:

Very classless move by the Margarito camp, which is still under scrutiny from his bout with Shane Mosley where he lost his boxing license for loaded gloves. Obviously peeved about the incident, Roach is now predicting a quick end to the match and I don't blame him one bit. “Don’t be surprised if this fight ends in the first round," Roach said during the prefight press conference Wednesday.

Trash talking is common game in any big boxing match and can add a little more buzz and drama to the fight, as has been displayed by the brash Floyd Mayweather Jr. prior to basically all of his matches. But mocking a disease is taking it too far. There is nothing comical about poking fun at Roach's condition.

If you will be tuning into the fight, which takes place Saturday November 13th, be prepared for some fireworks in the ring. But I wouldn't be against the Pac-man in this one.


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