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Monday, February 14, 2011

NBA & NCAA Basketball Truths From R. Scates

Here are a few truths I learned from the hoop world this weekend…

-I have underestimated one Rajon Rondo. I am not a fan of his ability to shoot mid-range jumpers and free throws, but I have come to appreciate his toughness and how he brings value when he is on the floor. I thought it was impressive taking on the challenge of guarding Lebron James, who is 7 inches taller and outweighs Rondo by 70lbs. Until Lebron went into the post, Rondo was doing a peskily (if that’s a word) effective job keeping Employee #6 out of his offensive comfort zone. Like him or hate him, Rajon Rondo does the little things that pick the Celtics up and provides positive energy.

-KG talks a good psycho babble and even asserts his psycho on the smaller ones in the league, but when he gets stepped to, his hands go in the air and he backs off. After Rondo ran into a hard, yet legal screen, Garnett leaned his shoulder into Mike Miller who was chasing Ray Allen around a screen. Dwyane Wade then came to the defense of his teammate and Garnett backed right on down. Buck up player…

-Dwyane Wade is a more versatile player than Lebron James

-The Los Angeles Lakers played a tired game against the Orlando Magic, bring in Carmelo !?!?! - (sorry couldn’t resist)

-I wish both, but either the Golden State Warriors or Los Angeles Clippers will make the playoffs. Also, Monta is an All-Star.

-On the college side basketball of things the OSU loss to Wisconsin took a lot of pressure off those kids. I think OSU will get back dominating and secure a #1 tourney seed.

-Nolan Smith has stepped up big time for the Duke Blue Devils and should finish top 3 in the National Player of the year voting.

-It’s good to see UNC ranked and back on track. It looks like the departure of Larry Drew II was good for both parties.

-Texas Longhorns are playing the type of stifling defense that could carry them deep into the tourney.

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