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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hey Everyone; Chris Bosh Wants You To Know He CAN Play Basketball

Yo Chris, nobody cares!

There have been many funny quotes and sound bites coming out of South Beach, and none more insignificant than those coming from Heat PF Chris Bosh. Per this story seen over at the Miami Herald, Bosh feels it is necessary for him to let everyone that he's been playing solid basketball. Here are some quotes:

“For some reason, people think I can't play basketball,” Bosh said. “It gives me an added sense of motivation. I feel in those situations, I have a chance … to go out there and do well, because I know people are watching -- just to shut them up. Just to be frank.”

I'll say it again; NOBODY CARES ABOUT CHRIS BOSH. No one ever said you couldn't play basketball. Hell, the kid has career averages of 20 ppg and 9 boards. His talent isn't in question. We just think he's softer than wet tissue paper and weak in the paint. He also says he's going to get his rebounding average up to over 10 a game. Sure you will Chris. How about getting a couple block shots and being a presence in the post? I'm just sayin'.

Clearly Bosh is feeling a little attention starved as all the ink goes to #6 and Dwyane Wade (rightfully so). We all know he's just riding their coat tails. It's cool Chris. I would do the same. But please put a sock in it and just play basketball! The Heat could really benefit from letting their play speak for them as they repeatedly make themselves sound like complete idiots (except for Wade).

The Heat are rolling right now and winning a lot of games. Sucks that they are letting their comments put a cloud over their accomplishments.

But this one's for Chris Bosh from the good people over at #LTSBlog


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