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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ohio ST. QB Terrelle Pryor And Others Suspended For 5 Games In 2011

First things first; I have no problem with student athletes receiving some extra benefits for their performance. The kids generate a ton of money for NCAA programs but they aren't fairly compensated for their efforts (as the rules are written to prevent this). I also have no issue with tattoos. It's your body; do what you please with it. Hell I even have a few myself.
So when this story first leaked via Sports By Brooks that a few members of the Ohio St. Buckeyes football program may have exchanged autographs for tattoos I shrugged and kept sipping my coffee. It's also being reported that the players sold championship rings & trophies. *Shrugs*... But now that 5 players are being suspended for five games next season for "receiving improper benefits" (Pryor, Daniel Herron, DeVier Posey, Mike Adams and Solomon Thomas) it moves me to wonder what exactly Ohio St. is trying to prove here. If the benefits were so improper, then why not suspend Pryor and the four other players for their Bowl game against Arkansas Jan. 4th? Maybe because that bowl game victory could net the program millions of dollars, and Pryor can bounce to the NFL draft this summer? Hmmm...

Whether the players got the tattoos for free or not, I say let the kids make some money off of their ability. College is tough enough as it is, and if someone is willing to throw a young adult a little something for their accomplishments then I personally have no issues with it. If someone wants to pay you for your memorabilia then cool. Get ya' money. Because that is EXACTLY what the NCAA is going to continue to do.

Just be a little smarter when you do try to get ya' money. A nice tattoo and selling traceable awards isn't worth almost half your football season.


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