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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pics of Michael Jordan's New Mansion

News Flash: Michael Jordan has more money than you. Arguably the world's greatest basketball player Jordan now also owns arguable one of the US's greatest homes. Browsing the internet I stumbled upon pics  at Admirals Cove homes of his Airness' new home is Jupiter, Florida that was built at The Bear's Club, which is owned by golfing great Jack Nicklaus. Here's a look at the property:

Jordan reportedly paid $4.8 mil for the land and $7.6 mil for development. It's also reported that with furnishings, Jordan's commitment to the property will be over $20 mil. Sheezus. Here's a little more on the property:

Jordan’s house has 11 bedrooms, 6 on the 2nd floor alone, a 2-story guard house, an athletic wing together with basketball court and lavish workout facility. It’s rumored his huge media room with state-of-the-art electronics is ‘cigar friendly’.

Must me nice (no Lyfe Jennings). Jordan has always been an avid golfer (and even more avid gambler, but we won't talk about that) so it's only fitting for him to have a "home" on a world class golf course. Jordan is also currently majority owner of the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats (this song should play whenever his doorbell rings). You can see more info on The Bears Club as well as a slide show of Jordan's home here.

Kinda makes you want to increase your grind and get your $$ up, right?



  1. Really? WTF is goin to be doing in there?

  2. Makes me feel wonderful, maybe he could feed a few homeless.

  3. You deserve this big man!!!!

  4. God has been blessing you don't forget to give him the thanks and praise. May he continue to bless u and be with u

  5. He deserves every penny. He as made so many more millions for his sponsors and the NBA.

  6. Living in this kind of house must be like a dream come true for anyone, huh? I agree that he really deserves to have this house. After all, he's one of the best players in the history of NBA.