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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer Resigns

This is interesting... per AOL Fanhouse, University of Florida head football coach Urban Meyer, who just signed a 6-yr, $24 mil contract in 2009, has decided to resign. The Gators are 7-5 this season and scheduled to face Penn St. on the Outback Bowl New Years Day, which Meyer will coach.

If you recall something similar to this happened last December, with Meyer returning to the team a few months later. As ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports Meyer will remain working for Florida so there is still a chance he could return as coach. Who knows. Maybe he just really misses Tim Tebow who was like a son to Meyer.

Urban Meyer has faced criticism due to the fact that over 25 of his players have been arrested in his coaching tenure at Florida. His career record as the Gators head coach is 64-15, including 2 SEC championships and 2 National Championships (2006 & 2008).



  1. this blog is a joke all you're doing is rewriting from other news lol

  2. You must only skim titles of posts without reading them. We post both news/current sports events as well as our opinions. And for it to be such a joke, you took a second to click a link. Thanks, we appreciate it.