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Friday, December 17, 2010

Pics Of Steve Francis' Debut For Beijing Ducks

Yes you read that correctly; former #2 overall pick and NBA All-star Steve Francis played his debut game with the Beijing Ducks on the CBA (China Basketball Association) last earlier this AM.

Francis was inked to a two year deal with the Ducks back in November. He joins fellow NBA has been Stephon Marbury on the squad and also hip hop basketball icon Allen Iverson overseas. Francis only played the final 17 seconds of the game, and even still had an ice pack wrapped around his ankle (see pics below):

Well see how long Francis lasts in the CBA. He looks pretty sickly compared to his days back with the Rockets and the Magic. Good luck over there Stevie Franchise. Here's some video highlights from his finest moments in the NBA:

(photo credit: Associated Press)


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