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Monday, December 6, 2010

Details/Video of The Rose Bowl USC/UCLA Tailgate Brawl

Apparently some fans feel the fight for LA college football bragging rights needed to occur in the parking lot before the game than actually played on the field. During Saturday's Rose Bowl meeting between heated Pac-10 rivals UCLA & USC, a violent brawl broke out between tailgaters that led to arrests, on for attempted murder, and even two individuals left with non life-threatening stab wounds.

Per this story on the OC Register, Vimal Patel of pasadena (24) and Josh Dirling from Simi Valley (27) were stabbed by Northridge resident Arturo Cisneros (44). Patel was stabbed multiple times in the back while Dirling was stabbed in the cheek and left with a broken nose and cheekbone. Here is a snippet from the story:

According to reports, the brawl broke out after a group of tailgaters – including Patel – threw a football that accidentally hit a black Mercedes-Benz belonging to another group of fans.

Three men from the other group approached Patel and at some point began stabbing him. Detectives working at the Rose Bowl responded to the scene to break up the fight. One officer suffered a sprained wrist and the other suffered a sprained ankle when they were attacked by two other men.

Here's video found on youtube of some of the action:

All of this during a simple tailgating outing. No football game is worth stab wounds or fighting over. What's worse is that incidents similar to this happen almost every year. Reportedly tailgaters began gathering and drinking around 6:30a, and you can all but guarantee that alcohol was involved in the incident.

Said Renee Breceda, who is the girlfriend of Dirling's twin brother, "He was stabbed in the right cheek – the tip of the knife broke off and lodged itself in his cheekbone". "The plastic surgeon said it would do more harm then good to remove knife fragment so they left it and gave him stitches."

"This experience has ruined my experience with tailgating," Breceda said. "We were innocent bystanders. Tailgating is supposed to be hanging out with your family, friends and loved ones and not to be ruined by people who are just looking for a fight."

Very sad indeed. Best wishes and a speedy recovery go out to the victims. People, please do better.


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