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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sports Guy Tweets Moss-to-Vikes Rumor

Bill Simmons, aka The Boston Sports Guy, aka ESPN's franchise player is still getting the hang of this new age technology. At 4:13 pm (PST) today, Simmons tweeted the following:

"Moss vikings"

Four minutes later, he tweeted an explanation about how that was meant to be sent as a Direct Message, and not seen by any of his followers. He said there were rumors swirling about Moss being traded. The message may have been intended for one of his many insider sources, given Simmons has become quite the industry power player. After rising from very humble beginnings as an internet blogger (like your's truly), he now has the number one downloaded podcast on iTunes, wrote two best seller books, and is an executive producer on ESPN's recent "30 for 30" documentary series.

He qualified the tweet further with self-depricating humor about him not understanding how to tweet via Blackberry.

What does it all mean? Who was the tweet meant for? Is the rumor legit? Ask him on Twitter, repeatedly, @sportsguy33 .

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