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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Good Idea, Bad Idea" (Wednesday Morning Bonus)

In an interesting twist to a weekly segment we've instituted on "That Sports Blog", something very intriguing transpired over the last 12 hours or so. I'll get right into this morning...

"Good Idea"
Vikings Taking Advantage of Bill Belichick's Ego And Nabbing Randy Moss
Bottom line; Randy Moss is still one of the top receivers in the NFL. The Viking saw an opportunity and jumped on it, just as they attempted (and failed) to pry Vincent Jackson away from the Chargers. Minnesota appears to be serious about one last run at the Super Bowl and are giving Brett Favre the pieces he needs to be successful in what should be his final season. This move immediately puts Minnesota back in contention for the NFC crown. And what did they have to give up to get a pro bowl caliber play maker? A third round pick. Advantage Vikings.

"Bad Idea"
New England Trading Randy Moss"

You can't tell me this man doesn't have some sort of ego complex. The Patriots are becoming notorious for letting key players walk away , and I'm willing to bet the house Belichick has everything to do with it. They let Ty Law go a few years back when they refused to pay him. They let Mike Vrabel, who was a very big part of their championship teams, walk and he has had a nice impact on Kansas City so far. They pretty much threw Richard Seymour out the door and shipped him to the Raiders. Granted, Moss might have been becoming a problem in the locker room, but there is no disguising that he is great on the field. Maybe that hasn't translated so far this season, but could it be that he was being phased out of the game plan to make trading him easier? Possibly. Either way, I do not see how this move makes them better. It actually makes them worse. It appears that Belichick is preparing for the future as the Patriots now have two picks in each of the first 3 rounds, so maybe we haven't seen the end result of this most recent trade. All I have to say about the move is, "J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!"


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