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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NFL Week 4 "Good Idea, Bad Idea"

With another week in the books and the NFL season beginning to take shape, we have a more clear view of who's a real contender and who's "pretending". Some key injuries (most notably Michael Vick) and expiring suspensions (Ben Roethlisberger for the Steelers, Santonio Holmes for the Jets & the "Juice Man", I mean Brian Cushing for the Texans) will bring a few new faces back to the playing field, giving Week 5 a nice set of subplots to watch for. But this is all about the best and worst from Week 4. So shall we get to it?

"Good Idea"
Signing LaDainian Tomlinson
Someone forgot to tell LT that running backs are "supposed" to be on the decline after they hit the big 3-0. So far this season Tomlinson has looked to regain that quickness that made him one of the top running backs in the NFL from '01-'07 (when his numbers started to see a dip). He and Shonn Greene have given the Jets a nice compliment to their big play passing game and has also made fans quickly forget about Thomas Jones (who gained over 1,400 yards last season). True, the Jets have gotten a lot of pub for a team that finished 9-7 in 2009, but what is also true that their front office is looking like geniuses with the additions they have made the last couple of years. Gotta give credit where it's due.

"Bad Idea"
Flipping the bird at officials.

No, that isn't a picture of Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil, but you have to admit it's pretty funny. Cecil as fined a $40,000 for making the above gesture at officials in Sunday's game against Broncos after a penalty called on the defense. TV cameras caught him in the act and we all know that's a big no-no in the NFL. This isn't the first time Cecil has been fined for his conduct as he also saw his pockets $20k lighter last December for unsportsmanlike conduct. Let's just say that Roger Goodell won't be on Cecil's Christmas card list any time soon.

"Good Idea"
Rams letting Sam Bradford start from day 1.

The St. Louis Rams won all of one game last season. One. The started 3 different quarterbacks in 2009. They all stunk. The Rams haven't had a true franchise caliber QB since they let Kurt Warner walk back in '04 (and looked how that worked out for them). With the first pick in the draft they could have gone with defense as they had done in previous seasons, but they elected to go with Oklahoma and former Heisman Winner Sam Bradford, who missed a huge chunk of his junior season with a shoulder injury. Bradford won the starting gig over A.J. Feeley (that was easy) and has taken every snap so far this season as is playing like a vet. He's calm in the pocket and you can see his confidence throughout the course of the game. Of course with any rookie their will be speed bumps, but as it stands right now Bradford is looking like the real deal and the Rams have already doubled their win total. You can already classify this season as a small success and Rams fans finally have something to be excited about.

"Bad Idea"
Watching yourself run on the video screen and losing a fumble on the 1-yard line.

I'll refrain from putting Ahmad Bradshaw in the "he's gonna cry in the car" file since he did finish Sunday's game against a tough Chicago defense with 129 yards and the G-Men got the win, but nonetheless he should be embarrassed by this fumble. A cardinal sin for a running back in fumbling the football and to add salt to the wound he coughed the ball up during what was on the way to being a sure touchdown. Why the hell are you watching the screen anyway when you're on the field?! I can't be too tough on him since he snatched Brandon Jacobs spot and is having a nice season so far, but Ahmad Bradshaw, please do better.

"The Ugly (Bonus)"
Dwayne Jarrett.

Not only has Dwayne Jarrett been a bust in his NFL career (35 receptions, 428 yards in four seasons so far), he has always been labeled as lazy and also recently lost his starting spot to a rookie. Looks like that wasn't disappointment enough as he was arrested for a second DWI in less than 3 years early Tuesday morning. Jarrett had a lot of promise after a nice college career at USC but it hasn't translated to the pros. Now Jarrett will possibly be facing a suspension from the NFL, not to mention his freedom may be in jeopardy. It's difficult to have sympathy for someone who brought all this upon themselves. Dwayne Jarrett, you sir, have a problem. Get help.


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