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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moss On The Move...

According to this report of, All-Pro wide receiver Randy Moss is on his way back to where his NFL career began, the Minnesota Vikings. As Moss was in a contract year and an extension was unlikely, the Patriots decide to cut him lose and get something for him before losing him for nothing in free agency.

Moss came to New England with a huge splash in 2007, amassing 98 receptions for 1,493 yards and an NFL record 23 touchdown catches. He has had productive seasons with them up until this year, where he has only 9 catches for a measly 139 yards. It remains to be seen how the Patriots can replace his big play potential, but my guess is 2nd year speedster Brandon Tate becomes the initial deep threat as Wes Welker is primarily a slot receiver that works the middle of the field.

If you recall before he was dealt by the Raiders to New England, Randy Moss has a habit of checking out mentally when he feels unwanted or under utilized. He had the worst season statistically of his career in Oakland and there was talked that he was washed up, then he responded a monster season. Can the same happen for the Vikings? That remains to be seen but I wouldn't bet against it. Moss gives Minnesota the deep threat Brett Favre has missed with Sidney Rice out with an injured hip. Once Rice gets back, the Vikings offense has the potential to be unstoppable.

One thing that stands out to me is that Moss has recently been dealt for a fourth rounder (Oakland to New England) and a third rounder (New England to Minnesota). That really isn't a good return for a record setting future Hall of Famer who is only in his early 30's. If you ask me, New England basically just handed the AFC East over to the Jets. Somewhere, Rex Ryan is laughing while enjoying a snack.


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