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Friday, October 22, 2010

Addition By Contraction... Wait, What?

Say it ain't so Stern!

Saw this story over at Apparently NBA Commissioner David Stern thinks the league may need to drop a couple teams in markets to get player costs down, which could spell trouble for cities with the lowest NBA attendance (yes, you Minnesota & Charlotte).

Despite the financial woes the NBA seems to be facing, David Stern has done a decent job with the league since becoming commissioner back in 1984 (except for "rumor" of the fixed 1985 draft that landed Stern's hometown Knicks Patrick Ewing). He does have a few "fails" on his resume, such as the lame hand checking rules, allowed zone defense and of course the NBA dress code.

Under Stern, the NBA has added 7 teams, expanded it's global influence and the league's media presence has grown tremendously. While fewer teams may bring costs down and ultimately raise competition levels, the fan in me hopes this does not come to pass. I like to enjoy as many games and highlights as possible (not to mention all the dreams and jobs that would be sacrificed). I doubt this change would really go down, and let's all hope I'm right. Which reminds me, I need to get my NBA League Pass game up...


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