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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NFL Trimester Report: NFC East "Contender or Pretender"

The first 6 weeks of the 2010 NFL season has already graced us fans with enough drama to fill a soap opera script, with two Super Bowl favorites both sitting at 1-3 (Cowboys & the Vikings), while a couple of teams many expected to be drafting in the top 5 are currently sitting pretty with only 1 loss each (Kansas City & Tampa Bay??) As we are just about at the 1/3 mark of the season, now would be a good time to evaluate some of the standings and find of who is really a "contender" and who is getting their Ricky Hatton on (#norelapse). I'll kick it off with the loaded NFC East...

Washington (3-2)
On paper, the Redskins really haven't been anything special on offense and have given up a ton of yards on defense, but they already have 2 victories in their division and just find ways to win. McNabb has been steady at QB so far, but I think their lack of play makers on the perimeter and in the backfield will eventually catch up to them. Pretender

Philly (3-2)
The Eagles are tough to figure out as they have lost both of their home games so far while winning all 3 on the road, and it looks like the offense can move the ball with either Kolb or Vick under center. The defense may give up some runs, but those trademark Philadelphia blitzing schemes are murder for a passing game. Also, here is an interesting fact; both of the eagles losses have come when the starting QB was knocked out of the game. Contender

NYG (3-2)
The Giants have managed to withstand Eli Manning's erratic passing so far this season with a strong running attack and stellar defense. Despite constant criticism Tom Coughlin continues to get the most out of this nice mix of veterans and young players. Hakeem Nicks has emerged as a true #1 receiving option for Manning in the red zone. Contender

Dallas (1-3)
The pre-season favorites to win the division and leading candidate to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl (which will be played in their home stadium), the Cowboys are off to a slow start, to say the least. One thing that should be noted is that Dallas has lost all 3 games but a combined 20 points (less than a touchdown a game). They are right in games but can't seem to quite get over the hump. Costly penalties and mental mistakes give Dallas the look of a team who is not fully focused. Despite having the 3rd best passing attack in the NFL, the running game ranks only 24th and only generating 95 yards a game. I think they still have the talent to turn it around, but it's not looking too bright right now. Pretender


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