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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's Talk About Sex Dukies!

I'm trying to find a way to connect this story to sports, because that's what we do here. The best thing that I could think of was that it involves Duke University, and most sports fans love to see them get effed over.

A woman at Duke University has produced a Power Point presentation of her school related sexual conquests. As a teacher by trade, I can tell you that the presentation is elaborately detailed and well researched. Names were NOT changed to protect the innocent. As she put it, the subjects of the presentation are "The kind of people that everyone wants to be or be with... The top dogs, or whatever."

"Whatevs"? That's a bit of an understatement. You just outed the sex stats of a good number of your male classmates, in your own words very popular people. I doubt even the ones who scored well on your performance grading index will be able to brush it off with a nonchalant "whatevs".

Click on the link, and enjoy yourself.

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  1. Sex and sexual relationship should be maintaining in each and every people in this world. And now let's talk about the sex dukies.